Hair Removal at Capri2

Electrolysis permanent hair removal for face and body.

– Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal is a safe and reliable method of hair removal. Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal all the different hair tones, Black, Brown, Grey, Blonde and red hairs successfully. On all different skin colour. It’s suitable for those who are unable to have Laser hair removal, or can work well after your laser treatments, for the few hairs left behind.

– Is suitable for clients unable to have laser treatments.

– A fine hair like probe is gently inserted into each hair follicle and a small amount of current (heat) is discharged, then the hair is gently removed. Electrolysis can be used effectively on many areas including Upper Lip, chin, face, eye brows, underarms and bikini. (Hygiene is paramount with all probes being disposable).


During all waxing treatments we begin with a barrier of powder or oil to protect the skin. The wax is clean and not recycled. Gloves are worn for hygiene. We finish with a lathering of our special soothing cream to calm any redness. Mineral make up is offered after any face waxing.)


We also provide the following Waxing Hair Removal Services:

– Brow shape/wax

– Brow/lip

– Chin/lip/brow

– Lip or Chin

– Underarm Arm

– 1/2 Leg

– Full leg Basic

– Bikini

– G-String Bikini

– Brazilian (every 4 weeks)

– First time Brazilian

– 1/2 Leg with basic bikini

– Full leg with basic bikini

– Men’s back wax

– Stomach/chest

– Brow, ears, nose