As you know, the world is going through quite a big challenge and it has hit our cozy corner.
Here are some of the house-keeping rules I have put in place for the protection of my valued clients so you can come relax, unwind and feel good about yourself.

  • Sickness & Cancellations: If you have any sickness, cold/flu symptoms, please call me or change your booking online as soon as possible. A same day cancellation fee will NOT apply if calling the morning of your appointment with genuine sickness.
  • Arriving Unwell: If you attend your appointment and you are unwell with any of these symptoms, we won’t be able to complete your treatment.
  • Our Hygiene Routines: We already keep an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness (a comment I regularly receive) but we will be implementing some extra measures for your peace of mind!

Our Standard Practice
Currently my clinic is thoroughly cleaned by myself weekly; I have added extra sterilizing and cleaning practices into my weekly/daily schedules.

  • Our linen is very thoroughly cleaned, and we have added extra antiseptic and antimicrobial practices to strengthen this. My current practice has beds stripped for every client for massage, spa treatments, facials etc and this will continue.
  • For waxing, I have single use for towels and implements, with the bed cover sheet being made of disposable paper.
  • We use hospital grade disinfectant for all our implements/equipment between clients. Disposable materials are used whenever possible, and we have been reviewing this.
  • Anti-microbial wipes are used where needed. You may have seen me furiously sterilizing all surfaces, including door handles and bench tops, and of course, frequently washing and sanitizing my hands as well!
But when it is all said and done – I touch people’s skin and hair! I feel very privileged to do so every working day!

Like other big interruptions to daily life in history, we will all eventually recover and bounce back. In the meantime, keeping myself and clientele safe is my top priority. So, you can rest assured I am going the extra mile!